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Old Fashioned Stick Candy



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Designed Specifically for the Retailer!

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100% Guaranteed Sale

Worry free inventory control. We issue credit for any damage on every visit.

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High Volume - High Margin

   Cost: 22¢ per stick.   SRP: 3/99¢.               33% Gross Margin.

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 Custom Built Display Racks

To maximize sales and profit we design and build a rack to fit any location in your store.

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   UPC on Every Piece

To help in sales tracking and inventory control, we have placed a flavor specific UPC on every candy stick.

  Most Sales are Incremental

Our customers routinely tell us that nearly every sale is additional, so when you add our Candy Stick Retail Program it's like giving yourself a pay raise!

DSD & Vendor Managed

We deliver, fill, rotate, and maintain the display on a weekly basis. Your employees do nothing except ring up the sales and collect the profits.

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Bright, lively colors on products and graphics

The colorful product combined with the eye popping graphics is an appealing display that generates serious volume.

Gross = Net?

Since we do all filling and maintenance, you have no labor costs. This, combined with covered shrink means you Net 33% Profit.

Many of our customers add additional display racks

After seeing the customer demand, many retailers add a 2nd or even a 3rd location in their stores.

We service over 200 separate retail locations throughout Acadiana. Choose a display from the suggestions below or create your own personalized design to fit any location.

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Shawn's Delcambre.jpg
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Get Started! (504) 908-4824

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In Baton Rouge and Acadiana call Richard: (504) 908-4824

In New Orleans & the North Shore call Ric: (504) 559-2458

Web design and images are property of Acadian Candy Company 17474 North Achord Rd Baton Rouge, La 70817
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